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Our Story

Okay, so this weekend I was going to write about a blow-up I had last year with my step-mother, but I was going to use my journal and I LEFT IT AT WORK!!!  Yipes!  Luckily, it’s locked up in my desk.  So, I’m going to use another idea I had, which was to write about the story of how Honeywine and I became BFFs.  I figured that would be interesting to you, since most of you read her page, too, and are only here because she pointed the way! If it’s not, sorry I’m boring you.  We’ll get back to the soap-opera style stuff soon enough.

You may be surprised to know that Honeywine and I have only known each other since about 2005.  We met cute, kind of like a movie when the boy meets the girl.  We were both dragged to a barbecue by our husbands (hers soon-to-be) at another soldier’s home.  (Read: trailer)  She and M. had been there a while because I made Douche wait until a little later to go.  At the time our kids were 9 and 5, and they were going to be the only kids there amidst all the drunken soldiers/barracks rats.  (FYI:  barracks rat is the term soldiers/family members use for the skanky girls who sleep their way through the barracks on a military base.)  As we pulled up, I saw a lady I’d never met before.  She was standing behind a lawn chair, looking completely bored as two guys talked.  I didn’t know anyone at the party, so as Douche went off to talk with all his buddies and play football with the kids (i.e. show off for the barracks rats), I found a lawn chair and pulled up to some of the other ladies.  I sat there for a while as these two vapid 20-year-olds talked about sex clubs in Germany.  It’s kind of hard to jump into THAT conversation.  I noticed that Honeywine was standing all alone.  I figured, “Hey, she’s probably more interesting than these two beyotches.”  I was right!!! 

We talked for a little bit outside where I learned that she was a local girl, that she was going to be getting married soon, and that her fiance was also going to be deployed to Iraq shortly thereafter.  I also learned that the girl is brilliant!  Since it was August (I’m pretty sure it was August, anyway) in Louisiana, we figured we should go inside where there was air conditioning.  I mean, were we really the only people there who DIDN’T want to be covered in sweat?  This was the first time in my “Army” life that I’d met someone who wasn’t a brainless twit who believed everything the government said.  Not to say that I didn’t have other friends who were Army wives, just that some of our ideals were not the same.  We were definitely going to be pals.  By the time we broke out the Trivial Pursuit towards the end of the night, I think we were the only sober adults in the joint.  I also think we were the ones having the most fun.  It was a little weird when I asked her for her phone number.  (I mean, I had never liked anyone enough to do that before!)  After that, we got to be very close friends.  It was not too long before Hurricane Rita struck our part of the world, and her sister even came by to see if our family needed any food or water.  (Thanks, Lulu!)

When M. left for Iraq, I tried to come to her apartment as often as possible.  I usually had the kids, but we did our best to ignore them.  There were even girls’ nights!  Most of the time it was just the two of us, though, as the other girls we knew were flakes.  We always ended up watching some scary movie, ensuring that I would be really scared on the way home.  She shares my affinity for celebrity gossip and mystical things.  She tells me I look frumpy if I’m not all bling-ed out.  She is always there for me, no matter what.

Honeywine is the person I leaned on the most when my marriage fell apart.  I knew I could call her in the middle of the night if I had to, and there were times when I did, much to the chagrin of M., but I think he’s over it now.  One instance that comes to mind was a day or two after I found out about C*nt.  I knew Douche was working all night, so I went to his truck, opened it up, and went through all the stuff that was in it.  I found a paper declaring his love for C*nt, what they were going to name the baby they were going to have together, and a worksheet about divorce.  I was in a parking lot in my pajamas, sobbing uncontrollably and the only person I could call was Honeywine.  She also came to my rescue, literally, when she packed up M., Tina, and herself and drove from Louisiana to Georgia to help me pull it together.  That was last Memorial Day weekend.  When she walked through my door, I literally fell into her.  She and Tina helped me clean and organize things, and went to see my attorney with me.  She was also there to witness my panic attack when someone said that C*ntmight already be pregnant.  M. pretty much just watched T.V. and complained about Honey spending so much time with me.  Men just don’t get it.

She is also the only person in my life who told me that if I truly still wanted Douche, she’d help me get him back.  This meant the world to me.  Luckily, I eventually came to my senses and filed for divorce.

Last summer, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks with H. and M. in the G.T.  It was the best time I had all summer.  I didn’t have to think about Douche or C*nt or divorce.  They tarted me up and took me to town and made sure I had fun, dammit!  They made my birthday special, too.  They (with the help of Mom, Tina, Dave, and Willie) made me a cake and dinner and had a few presents waiting to surprise me when we got home.  That day was so much fun.  We’d driven around a lot and were all tired and H. and I were VERY loopy.  So loopy, in fact, that everyone else thought we were drunk and/or high.  It was a blast!  People do the darndest things when they think you are out of it….

If you are lucky to have a friend like Honeywine, cling to him/her.  These are the lasting relationships in our lives, and we should cherish them.

From my birthday. 

This was the day she took me for a spa day.  I think she looks like a politician’s wife here.