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You and Me

I’m trying to write tonight, but I keep deleting and re-writing and deleting and re-writing.

The Nerd proposed on Friday night, and I’m having trouble figuring out how to write about it here without taking any of the special away.  I want to share this happy news!

Though we’ve been talking about getting married for at least a year, I was completely surprised.  He had already talked to the boys about it, and even showed them the ring.  The proposal itself was perfect in that it was silly and sweet, and totally unexpected.  The ring is beautiful; true antique style.  I have been on cloud 9 all weekend, even though I worked through most of it.

Right now, I’m just really enjoying being affianced.


I Miss This

Is there anybody out there?  Has it really been over a year since I’ve written here?  Since I got so scared that I yanked every post from sight and, in the process, jumbled them all up into a mishmash of 2 years of my life?  Apparently so.

Tonight, I was listening to some music, and Ben Harper’s “Another Lonely Day” came on.  I suddenly had a flashback to posting that song here, on a Tuesday most likely, and feeling utterly alone.  So much of my writing here has been sad or angry, and I believe that this page served as a therapeutic outlet , helping me to work through emotions that I sometimes couldn’t even comprehend at the time.

The past year has been pretty great, and I guess that’s one reason I haven’t written much.  I haven’t had to write to wrap my head around things or rant and rave about some guy who did me wrong.  A brief re-cap of the year…

I am still dating The Nerd/Dexter, and he continually surprises and amazes me with his kindness, humor, and goofiness (you know me, I love goofiness).  He has taken a pretty big role in my boys’ lives, including going to parent-teacher conferences with me last week and teaching Big J how to drive this summer.  He does everything he says he will; he is steady and solid, and I love him dearly.

My boys are now almost 16 and 12.  They’ve just finished another season of football and will be starting wrestling soon.  They keep me busy with JROTC competitions, football, wrestling, student council and various other activities.  The boys did not see their dad this summer, because he and his wife had another baby in June.  They did go down to Texas to visit all their grandparents and various relatives, though.

I’m in my last year of school, and will graduate in May.  I continued mentoring other students on campus, and received a pretty big scholarship from IU’s alumni club last month that will be applied in the spring semester.  Starting in January, I’ll be student teaching in a 10th and 11th grade English classroom.  Excited doesn’t even begin to describe it, but terrified is pretty close, too.  Bring it on!  I’m ready.

I miss writing here, and I miss the camaraderie of it all.  It wasn’t until I was speaking to a professor a few weeks ago that I  realized how much I missed it.  So, here I am again, heart on my virtual sleeve.

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