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Totally Music Tuesday

Wow, I am so out of the blogging thing this summer.  However, today is my birthday, the big 3-0.  The boys are safe and having fun, and so am I.  We had a celebration on Saturday, and I’ll get some pictures posted as soon as I get them from my sister.  My friends and The Nerd have made this the best birthday I can remember, and I am so lucky to have them.  Hope you’re having a great Tuesday, too!

Anxious Mama

My boys leave for Alaska in t-minus 16 hours and counting, and their mother is a nervous wreck.  They’re flying alone, from Chicago to Anchorage, which is an 7-hour flight.  Did I mention ALONE?  I was dealing with it pretty well until a couple of days ago when I realized this was really, actually going to happen, and then BAM, just like that, anxiety.

Last night was especially rough, with Little J getting upset because he’s worried his dad will think he’s “bad” or “irresponsible” because he doesn’t really know him anymore.  He did tell me he isn’t worried about the plane ride, though, because his big brother is going to be with him.  Neither of us slept much last night, and I am definitely taking Tylenol PM as we have to leave the house by 6 am to get to the airport in time.  Big J just seems really excited about it all.  Douche’s parents are going to be there, too, at least for part of their visit, and they’re finally getting to meet their almost 2-year-old half sister.

No matter how nuts they make me, no matter how much they argue and gripe with each other, I’m going to miss those boys something fierce.  Luckily, The Nerd and I have tons of plans for the next month, so I won’t have time to get too sad over it (I hope).  We went to the playground yesterday afternoon with my sister and Senor Fussypants and got some good pictures that I can take with me to my dad and grandparents when I head to Texas.

Meeting the Parents

Last week, besides all the stuff with my dad, my boys were away at camp at the Purdue campus.  The Nerd and I had dropped them off on Sunday afternoon, and I’d spent the week at his house, giving me and my mother a huge break from all the togetherness of home.  On Wednesday, we’d planned to paint his bedroom, babysit Senor Fussypants for a bit, and then head down to Illinois for the night.  We spent the morning covering and moving furniture, priming, and putting the first coat on the walls before taking a break when the baby arrived. 

Oh, we had fun with that boy.  He’s just a-movin’ and a-shakin’, and we played peek-a-boo, and “I’m gonna get-cha!”  I also took him out to the backyard and we swung in the hammock for a while.  When he was eating his lunch, he kept pointing to the yellow wall and saying what sounded like “gold.”  Genius?  I’ll leave that up to you to decide!  😉  We had such a good time playing, and his mama actually left him there longer than planned.  When he got restless, we turned on the Netflix (gotta love instant) to some Elmo movie.  That kid couldn’t take his eyes off of that little monster.  Seriously, he sat there and watched almost the whole thing before falling asleep!  I think my kids are just a tad too old to have caught the Elmo craze.  With them it was Blue’s Clues, before they replaced Steve.

We were all packed, we’d finished the second coat of paint, and were just getting dinner before heading out when I got the call about my dad.  Since no one really knew what was going on, I went into “phone tree” mode, calling my aunt, younger sister, and mother.  I decided that we sould go ahead and go as planned, that if nothing else, I’d be a little closer if I needed to go down to Houston.  So, off we went, with me on the phone and/or texting the entire time.  We made it to Bloomington, Il, at around midnight, completely exhausted as we’d gotten up at 6 that morning.  We brushed our teeth and passed out.  I woke up a lot, though, checking my phone to see if anything else had happened, and we were up again bright and early at 6am.  For good reason, though.  We met The Dish and her husband for breakfast!  🙂  It was my first bloggie meet-up, and I don’t think it could’ve gone any better.  It was really nice to put faces to the words, and they were both really sweet.  Let me tell you, she’s just as sassy as you’d expect, and I loved it.  Of course, I was still trying to get over my cold and super worried about my dad, but I still had a good time.  Her husband even helped me feel better by sharing some of his nurse’s wisdom about my dad’s surgery.  We had a nice visit, hopefully next time we’ll be able to visit longer. 

After breakfast was over, we zipped on down to Greenville, Il, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but just a little north of St. Louis.  I was so nervous about meeting The Nerd’s parents, but I didn’t need to be.  They were warm and welcoming, and I found plenty of things to talk with them about.  They’ve been super busy recently because his father unexpectedly lost his job due to cutbacks.  They’d planned on moving when he retired in a few years, but now everything’s been pushed up, so they decided to put their house on the market, just to see what happened.  The very next day, someone gave them an offer.  For the amount they wanted.  Can you say “holy hell, Batman!?”  So, when we showed up, they were in the middle of getting the house ready for inspection, his dad’s trying to find a job, and they have to find somewhere to live starting in…oh, about a month.  Yet, they seemed to enjoy having us there.  They took us down to St. Charles, which reminded me a bit of Natchitoches, Louisiana, with its little shops and bricked main street next to the river.  We had a nice afternoon walking around there (good lord, was it hot and humid), then had dinner before coming back.  It was good to be out doing things and not sitting around worrying about my dad.  We weren’t sure about the sleeping arrangements, as The Nerd hadn’t brought anyone home since before he was married.  He asked his mom, “So…did you want us to use one bedroom or two?”  She seemed really confused and said, “Well, both rooms are ready, so it’s up to you.”  We used one, and he said he didn’t get the “look of shame” the next morning, so yay!  We stayed another night before heading back to Purdue on Saturday to get the boys.

All in all, it was a good trip, despite all the worry over my dad.  We may be going back down to help them move after I get back from Texas next month, and I feel good about it.  And The Nerd?  He said his parents love me.  😀  And I didn’t take one picture, not a one.  Can you believe that?

Totally Music Tuesday

Ack!  I keep forgetting…


For those of you not on Facebook, my dad had surprise quadruple bypass heart surgery last night.  It’s been a long week with lots of things going on, so there will be several posts, I’m sure.  I’m still pretty shaken up about my dad.  If you ever want to know how I feel about my father, you can read this post I wrote a couple of years ago.  Needless to say, I’m a Daddy’s girl.

On Wednesday evening, as The Nerd and I are headed down to his parents’ house, I get a phone call from my older sister.  She told me that our step-mother (we’ve had plenty of run-ins with her) had called her husband and told him that our dad had been in the hospital since Monday and might be having surgery on Friday.  To which I said, “WHAT THE FUCK?”  At this point, I was terrified and completely pissed off that he’d been in the hospital for three days and no one had bothered to call any of his children.  I also wondered why it had been my brother-in-law who got the call rather than my sister.

So, trying to figure out just what was going on, I called my dad’s sister thinking she may have more information.  She hadn’t heard anything, either, but quickly called my uncle who lives close to dad.  Again, he hadn’t gotten any calls.  No one could understand why my step-mother hadn’t called anyone to let them know what was happening, and my uncle was pissed, to put it mildly.  By late Wednesday night, we were able to piece things together somewhat.  My sister and uncle were at the hospital, and she called after they’d talked to my step-mother and dad. 

On Monday, Dad left work early because he was short of breath and having chest pains and went to the small emergency room nearby.  They told him they needed to operate, but he said he didn’t want to do it there, and signed out against doctor’s orders.  Then proceeded to go home and make an appointment with a holistic doctor.  On Tuesday, their air conditioner went out at home, so Dad, being a heating and air man, went outside, in Houston, in the summer, to fix it.  No surprise, he started feeling bad again.  On Wednesday, he went to see the doctor and was given a stress test.  Well, they decided to keep him and told him they needed to operate.  He had a 100% blockage in one artery, 80% in another, and blockage in at least one other.  My step-mother still didn’t want him to have surgery, and my aunt and uncle were worried about the hospital he was at.  Houston has great hospitals, some of the best in the country, but Dad wasn’t at one of those great hospitals.  They did research on the doctor, though, and he checked out.  My sisters and I were really afraid that Dad would listen to his wife and not have surgery, but our uncle convinced him that he needed to do it.

So on Thursday, we were told that surgery was scheduled for Friday morning.  I was able to talk to Dad in the morning, and felt better after hearing how good he sounded.  We were also at The Nerd’s parents’ house by now and I was freaking out that I wasn’t there in Houston.  By that night, my sister was telling me that they decided not to do the surgery until Monday.  So, The Nerd and I weighed the options.  I could stay put and see how things went, or I could go down to Texas and stay at the hospital until he was safe.  That night, I wanted nothing more than to be there next to Dad, willing him to be okay, making sure he knew just how much I loved him.  I had slept a total of about three hours in the last two days, I was exhausted and I was scared.  What would I do without my Daddy?  Could I ever forgive myself if I didn’t make it there and something happened during surgery?  I cried all over The Nerd, and he kept telling me we’d do whatever I needed to do, he’d get me there if that’s what I wanted.

Yesterday morning, after talking to both Dad and my mom, I decided I should stay put.  The boys were still at camp, and with them possibly leaving for Alaska for a month soon, I didn’t want to be away from them.  Plus, I’ve been sick with a cold, and they wouldn’t even let me in to see my dad that way.  Dad told me to come when he’s out of the hospital and could see me.  I still wanted to go, but I knew they were right.  Then, I got a call that they’d changed the surgery again from Monday back to Friday (yesterday), and even talked to Dad again before he went in.  Again, he told me to just wait, he’d be okay.  He went back into the operating room at about 6 pm and wasn’t stable until 12:30 am.  When they tried to bring him out of the anesthesia, he got violent (completely unlike him), so they kept him sedated longer than planned.  My sister texted about an hour ago and said they’d finally taken the breathing tubes out and he was awake and doing well.  Even though I know he’s not completely out of the woods, I’m feeling relieved.

To all of you who sent prayers and good thoughts and mojo out after I posted on Facebook, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I wish I’d had my computer with me to write about all of this as it was happening.  The Nerd was great, and I was glad that he was there with me when I got the first call.  I’ll keep you posted, and will also be back soon to write about meeting The Nerd’s parents.

Totally Music(ish) Tuesday

Yo, I’m sick.  This is funny, though.  Enjoy!

Totally Music Tuesday (Late Again)

Ack, I forgot it was Tuesday.  I didn’t plan ahead (GASP!) so didn’t have a song pre-planned, but this is one of those way-back songs.  It’s from Nine Inch Nails’ first album, which is also my favorite.  When I started running way back when my boys were very small, I’d pop the tape of it into my Walkman and pound the pavement to Trent Reznor’s growling voice.  This album is my favorite background for running because it keeps me pumped up.  Hope you enjoy it, even though it’s not the same old, same old.

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