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Zany Antics

It appears I have all but abandoned this place, but I’m still here.  I guess I just haven’t had much to write about lately, or have just been lazy, or have been busy, or all of the above.  Truth is, I’m just haven’t felt like it until today.

The boys’ last day of school was Friday, with Big J’s 8th grade graduation ceremony that morning.  We and The Nerd ended up going to the movies to see Iron Man 2 finally (meh) to celebrate the end of school, and then on Saturday he and the boys did “man” things while I went out for a girl’s night out. 

The girl’s night out was…interesting.  The lady who invited me is one of The Nerd’s friends, she’s the one who sings lead in her own band, and I’m pretty sure I’ve written about going to see her band before.  She’s one of those bubbly, effervescent people who is always the life of the party, but I don’t know her very well, so was surprised by the invitation.  I’ve hung out with her younger sister some, and we seem to be a better buddy fit, so when I knew the sister was coming, I was in.  It was a dress up thing where we were supposed to wear prom or bridesmaids dresses and bring wigs and make-up to get fixed up before we went out.  I have a few fancy dresses that I never get to wear because, really, who ever does?  I didn’t have a good wig, but I figured I’d just fix my hair up and it’d be all good.  Well, we were all getting ready to go and the ringmaster wanted me to wear a wig because everyone else did, and according to the gay guy who was doing make-up, I looked “too fancy.”  So, they gave me a pink wig and I felt ridiculous. 

I didn’t know the other two girls who were there, but did my best to stay in the conversations.  One of the girls was a hoity-toity type who is a grad student at Notre Dame.  She actually used words like “fetch” and “shall,” and not in a sarcastic way.  Bah!  One looked like Bette Davis and was pretty cool.  Then there was the ringleader and her sister, both very sweet and silly. 

 Once everyone was ready, we headed out to a local joint for Margaritas.  Still feeling ridiculous.  Everyone else was dressed up and wearing wigs, and I really wish I could post one of the group pictures, but I haven’t asked permission.  Anyhow, of course everyone was staring at us as we sat there with our drinks and chips and salsa, but we had a good time.  From there, we walked across the parking lot to our town’s gay bar.  I’d never been there, mostly because I don’t really go out to bars or clubs.  As soon as I walked in the door, one of the gay guys pulled me aside and said, “Oh, honey, we’ve got to fix that wig!”  You see, since my hair is long, it didn’t want to stay under the wig.  It kept pulling the wig back on my head so that I had about a mile of forehead.  I’d been pulling at it all night, but just couldn’t get it to stay.  Every time I said something about taking it off, the girls all said, “NO, it looks cute.”  LIARS!  So, the gay guy fixed it as best he could and I tried to ignore it.  Then the emcee of the drag show made fun of me, that bitch!  I had a good time watching the drag show, but kept wondering why their clothes weren’t more fabulous.  The girls wanted to go dancing afterwards, but I was done.  Enough smoke and wig-pulling for this gal.  We did take one more picture before I left, and I must show you for the sheer boobie-liciousness.

I’m glad I went out with them, it was fun and I met new folks and did new things.  I think if we do something like this again, it’s going to have to be dressing up as superheroes, because how much fun would that be?

So, a good weekend, at least until today.  This morning, I woke up early (hey, who says 8 am isn’t early?  It is to me!) with the intention of driving to the track to get in a run.  Little J wanted to go with me, so while he was putting on his shoes, I went out to the car to wait for him.  I was sitting there in the driver’s seat when he got in the back and said, “What happened???”  I look back, and there were pieces of black…something all over the back seat.  My brain didn’t register that it was glass until my eyes moved up and I saw the sofball-sized hole in the window.  Yup.  Some motherfucker broke out the little vent part of the back seat window sometime last night.  There wasn’t even anything in my car for anyone to steal, except change, and the dumb bastard didn’t even bother to take that.  So, if I can’t find some used glass to fit that sucker, I’m out around $300-400 dollars to replace it.  So, I hope whoever did it got a nice thrill from doing nothing more than breaking a goddamned window.  Money is already tight as can be right now, and now this.  😦  I spent my morning cleaning up glass and filing a police report before helping the boys go through all of their clothes to see what fits and what doesn’t all afternoon. 

How was YOUR weekend?

Totally Late Music Tuesday

Sorry I’m late, left the house early and just got home!  Since everyone liked Frank the Dinosaur so much, I figured he needed an encore.  😀  Happy Tuesday!

Totally Music Tuesday

This week, you get one song I genuinely like the has a cool video, and one that I’m posting only for the cool video.  The first one is The Black Keys’ Next Girl.  I love their sound, and have enjoyed all of their albums so far.  The second one is Fatboy Slim’s The BPA Toe Jam.  I would like to emphatically emphasize that I’m posting this for the awesomeness of the video, it has nothing to do with the song.  😉

Either way, both are filled with naked/half naked ladies, so happy Tuesday!

In Need of Sunshine

Blah, I haven’t had any inclination to write at all lately.  Honestly, I haven’t had much inclination to do much of anything lately now that I’m officially out of school for the summer.  The cloudy, chilly weather isn’t helping, either.  Last week was spent doing training for the summer orientation sessions I’ll be helping with on campus, and it was bo-ring.  What could’ve been accomplished in probably a day and a half was spread out over four long days.  We get paid for our training, though, so I guess it’s worth it.  😉  What have I gotten done?  Lots of reading of actual books that I honestly want to read.  I’ve finished the latest Chuck Palahniuk novel (it was okay) and am working my way through The Lonely Polygamist (really good so far).  I also have a stack of novels from the library on my shelf waiting for me. 

On the job front (since I know a few of you were interested), in the two weeks I worked in April, I averaged out about an hour or so every day, and cleared a little over $200.  Now, that’s net pay, but not too shabby for only working an hour a day.  I’m having a hard time feeling too great about it, though, because the contract says they have up to 30 days from the day the invoice was submitted to pay me.  This means that since I submitted my invoice on May 1, they have until the end of the month before they “have” to pay me.  After this month, it shouldn’t matter, but it’s not doing wonders for my motivation to work for them. 

The boys are going to camp at Purdue in a few weeks, and I am really looking forward to the break from Mom duties.  They’re excited about it, too.  Despite their dad’s promises that he’s flying them up to Alaska for a nice, long visit this summer, the realist in me isn’t going to accept that it’s actually happening until I see plane tickets.  So far, all the information I have on his plan is that he is hoping to fly them up “sometime around the end of June.”  Despite calling him once, sending at least five emails with dates for their camp/school getting out and starting/etc, this is still all I know.  Who knew you could throw together a trip to Alaska for two adolescents in under a month?  Apparently, my ex-husband thinks it can be done.

While the kids are at camp, the plan is that I’ll spend the week at The Nerd’s house.  We’ve never spent more than a night together, and usually only see each other about three times a week, so it’ll be a different experience.  He’s taking a few days off at the end of the week, and taking me down to southern Illinois to meet his parents.  I’m equal parts looking forward to it and dreading it.  I’ve never been nervous to meet anyone’s parents before, but I’ve also never had to travel to meet them and stay in their house overnight.  Eeeep!  I am happy that he wants me to meet them, though.  I know his mom was a little skeptic about him dating someone with children as old as mine are (he has no kids of his own and is a little younger than I), but he said she can tell how much he cares about them (aww, he really does).  Also, there’s a chance I might get to meet up with the wonderful DISH, since we can take a route that goes through her town!  Who thinks it’s a good idea for me to try to catch a glimpse at Mr. Burns IRL?  The Nerd and I have plans for more things during the summer, but a lot of it depends on whether the boys go visit their dad or not.

I was really hoping that I’d be able to take a trip down to Texas and Louisiana this summer, but there just isn’t enough money.  I haven’t been home for 2 years now, and I’m very homesick.  It’s so bad that I was jealous of my cousin’s daughter the other day because there was a picture of her eating Blue Bell ice cream on Facebook.  Seriously.  Maybe next spring or summer I’ll be able to make it.  I have serious wanderlust after not having taken a real trip in years. 

Are any of you going anywhere this summer?

Totally Music Tuesday

Here’s a fun song, it always makes me smile, Beck’s Debra.  This song comes with a question…what movie or tv show was this damn song in?  I know I heard it in one, but can’t for the life of me remember what it was and the internet is not helping me this time.  Does anyone know???

Happy Tuesday, kiddos.  🙂


Today’s been a strange day, and as a result, I’m a little out of sorts.  For one thing, it’s May 8th, and it only got up to 43 degrees here today.  What. The. Fuck.

The Nerd went down to southern Illinois to visit his parents and brother this weekend, so we haven’t seen each other for a couple of days and didn’t have our regular game night with the boys tonight.  I didn’t expect to feel so…alone with him away.  I mean, we don’t usually see each other every day, and we don’t text and stuff 24/7, but I guess I’m just used to the routine of getting together on Saturdays with him and the boys.  We’re planning to get together tomorrow evening when he gets home, and I can’t wait to see him.

The boys also were busy doing their own thing this afternoon for a few hours.  You see, for a few months, they’ve been going to the university to participate in LARPing.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s live-action role-playing.  And no, The Nerd didn’t get them into it, it was something Big J’s friend from school roped him into.  Pretty much, it’s a group of kids from about 10-16 who meet twice a month, make up scenarios, and then act them out.  There’s a couple of adults who supervise so things don’t get out of hand.  Some of the kids (mostly girls) dress up in costumes, but the majority don’t (my boys don’t), and they use Nerf guns and swords for their play fighting.  The boys always have fun, and it’s three hours on a Saturday that I get to be kid-free.  Only, I forgot it was this weekend, so hadn’t planned anything to do during that time.  I wanted to get out of the house, so I started texting folks to see who was free.  No dice, everyone either had work or family obligations.  Boo, responsibility.  I ended up going and running errands with my sister and Senor Fussypants, and it was good to see them.

Later, I was catching up on blogs and I saw the Wonder Twin online on IM.  I haven’t seen him in person since January or thereabouts, haven’t seen him around online for a long time, and we haven’t really talked in what seems like ages.  I feel like we’ve kind of been avoiding each other, but maybe it’s just a case of having lots of other things going on.  Anyhow, we caught up a bit.  Things are going well for him, the baby is healthy and should be here in about a month or so.  I miss my buddy, I miss the witty banter, the back-and-forth quips, the inside jokes, and the sharing of music.  Because of the nature of our past relationship (I think most of you know the backstory), things are tricky between us.  I doubt we’ll talk again for a while, and that makes me sad.

Well, it’s now officially Mother’s Day, so I hope all of you mamas out there get lots of hugs and kisses today.  Hell, I hope all of y’all do, no matter who you are.

Totally Music Tuesday

I know I give y’all a lot of the Avett’s music, but I just love it so.  This is one of the brothers, who’s been releasing videos recently, and they’re all pretty great.  This one’s my favorite, I love his lyrics.

And this one, just because the video’s cool (the song’s good, too).

Happy Tuesday!

The End Is Near

I’ve been AWOL for a while around here, and I’m really missing y’all.  It’s finals week, so last week was spent getting papers written and wrapping things up, doing mock interviews and stressing just a wee bit.  I’m going to try to catch up on everything you guys and gals have been up to in the next few days.

I am officially finished with math as of about 11 this morning.  No more required math classes for the rest of my college career!  I can’t express to you how happy this makes me, as I hate math with the passion of a thousand fires, and, although I have passed all of my math courses thus far, struggle to “get” it.  *Long, relaxing exhale.*  The only thing left to do is present a final paper for my American lit class.  Should be easy enough.  I’m a little worried that some classmates may argue my thesis, given there are some really die-hard, serious, (read: arrogant) English majors in there, but I have a plan.  If it comes to that, I’ll just say, “Oh, hmm, I hadn’t thought of that.  That’s a great point” and move on.  Once that’s done, I am through with the semester.  Can you hear the hallelujah choir?

Starting on Friday, though, I’ll have training for the university’s orientation team and the new peer mentor program.  While I’m not looking forward to being in training all day, I am excited about the new opportunities to be more involved in my school.  I’m also looking forward to netting more hours with my little internet job, with hopes of making enough money to take a few overnight trips during the summer as well as pay down some credit card debt I have lingering from my marriage and divorce. 

Overall, things are pretty damn good around here.  My mother and I are actually talking to each other more, and even went out to dinner together last week, where we *gasp* talked about things other than what the boys have done wrong lately.  She seems to be in a better frame of mind the last couple of months, and I’m hoping that won’t change when my step-dad goes back to working nights in June.  I still have no idea what’s going on this summer with the boys and their dad, every time I ask he says he doesn’t know yet.  It’s frustrating, but not surprising.  You would think a big trip like that would need good, advanced planning, but whatever!  While I know I’ll worry a lot about them and miss them tons, I’m really looking forward to a break from being Mom.

Here’s what I plan on doing a lot of this summer…

What are your plans?

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