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Totally Music Tuesday

Hoping to write a longer post later tonight or tomorrow.  Hope you have a good Tuesday!

Vacation, Anyone?

It sure has been a long week.  Wrote papers, hurt my back, met a famous poet and author, parents went out of town this morning, and the boys are now officially on spring break.  *Deep breath*

I heard from one of my professors last semester that Nikki Giovanni might come speak at our university sometime this spring, and was excited when I found out that she was, in fact, coming.  The university I attend is one of Indiana University’s small campuses, so there aren’t a lot of influential people clamoring to speak there.  But, she came!  If you don’t know who Nikki Giovanni is, she is one of the most important African American writers of this (and the last) century.  Her poems are fun, silly, and inspiring, and her books and stories are great.  She is also a professor of English at Virginia Tech, a total spitfire, and one hell of a speaker.  Listening to her speak was like attending a sermon, complete with “amens” and “yes, ma’ams.”  It was quite an experience, and I was able to meet her afterward.  She was amazingly gracious, and let me take a photo with her.

This is something I’ll never forget.

As for other things, it’s crunch time for classes, only a month left to go, and everything else is getting pushed aside.  I did decide to apply for a position as a different kind of mentor for fall.  I’ll be training in the summer, conducting orientations for new students, and co-teaching a class for first semester students with a professor.  The class is designed to help prepare students for the rigors of college life – teaching them how to study, informing them of the resources available, etc.  I’ll be given scholarships for it, so it won’t be strictly volunteering anymore, but it’ll also be more responsibility and more practice at teaching.  A new challenge, if you will.  I also finished my observations with the 8th grade class on Monday (what, what!), but will be going back to visit the kids when I go over my evaluation with the teacher.  I’m gonna miss those guys, but now I’ll have more free time!

My back’s been out of whack since Tuesday.  I’m not sure what I did to it, but there is something very wrong.  Trying to figure out what to do about it, as I have very little money and no health insurance.  Oy.

Tonight, I’m just going to try and enjoy the quiet and read up on blogs.  I’ve been trying to read Joyce Carol Oates’ Wonderland for class, but it’s incredibly tedious.  I started it two weeks ago, and I haven’t even gotten to page 100.  Every time I pick it up, it makes me fall asleep!  Supposed to have it read by Tuesday, but at almost 500 pages, I’m thinking that won’t happen.  Oh well.

Hope y’all have a great Easter weekend!