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Totally Music Tuesday

Dang, y’all, it’s busy around here.  Next week is finals, and the semester will be over on Tuesday, so this week is being spent writing papers and getting everything turned in.  This week, I’m giving you Old Crow Medicine Show.  A few weeks ago, I heard a band play this song, and knew it, but couldn’t remember who sang it (someone gave me their album a while back, and it’s been waiting in my computer).  Cue to last week, and I heard it on our “global music” radio station. 

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

Totally Music Tuesday

I stumbled across this song last week and put it on my favorites list, it was one of those instant-like things.  I’m going to have to look for this gal’s cd next time I go to the library, us poor folk can’t afford to buy records!  I guess this song was used in the show Dollhouse, but I’ve never seen it, so there ya go. It’s been a long Monday, which is now Tuesday.  I hope y’all have a great day. 


Today was Senor Fussypants’ first birthday.  There was a big party at his fraternal grandparents’ house, with tons of people.  His parents are great, especially his mom, but the only people from our family were my mom, my boys, and me (The Nerd came, too).  It’s hard to fit in with the uber republican aunts, uncles, and cousins, but everyone’s nice.  Everyone ate barbecue before Sr. Fussypants fell asleep on me (I have a gift for getting babies to fall asleep).  Mommy and Daddy opened most of the presents before he woke up, then it was cake time.  That boy was the most careful eater.  It took at least 10 minutes before he actually got any icing or cake on his face – he wanted to use his spoon!  He finally got messy, though.

I can’t believe he’s a year old already, but I’m very thankful that I’ve been able to watch him grow.  I’ve missed out with my other nephews and neice, and I appreciate the time I get to spend with this little guy.  On a semi-related note, I told y’all last week that he’s going to be a big brother, right?  They found out on Friday that the new baby is a girl.  I’m going to have so much fun playing girlie things with my new neice!  Ribbons and bows and dresses and dollies!  Hooray!  BABIES!

While we were at the party today, one of my brother-in-law’s cousins asked The Nerd and me who long we’d been going out.  When he said “about six months,” I nearly gasped.  Really?  Yup, we’ve been going out almost half of a year, even though it doesn’t seem like it.  I guess maintaining our own space has kept it from feeling like a Serious Relationship, which has been a good thing.  He and I work, he and the boys work, it all works for the moment.  I am still afraid to think too far in the future, not because he has given me reason to be scared, but you know, when you get burned enough times, you learn not to touch the fire.  Or something like that.  This is also the time of year that Douche and I split up three years ago, and for some reason, that’s bringing up some feelings.  More on that later.  Or maybe not.

Hope y’all had a good weekend.

Baby Love

Holy hell, this week has flown right on by.  Where to begin?

I suppose I’ll start with the job.  The hiring process was a little nerve wracking, since it included a long test and lots of reading, but I am now working for a company that evaluates search engine results for their usefulness.  I can make my own hours, but must stay productive in order to keep my contract.  I’ll be able to make good money that should keep the boys and me going through the summer.  That’s a load off.  If you’d like information about the company/job (it’s not difficult, and hey – you make your own hours), just let me know in the comments and I’ll email you the info.  I also applied to work at a clothing store, and may be going for an interview next week.  

There are only two more weeks of classes before finals week.  The weather’s been nice, and it’s terribly difficult to sit in a classroom all day.  My back was killing me yesterday after the first 3 hr. class.  Bah, ready for summer.  I did get to see Senor Fussypants today.  I visited him and his mama at their house this morning before we all went to lunch, then we took him over to campus so I could show him off.  It’s a really nice campus, and the flowers and trees are blooming so beautifully that we took some pictures before I had to skiddadle off to my mentor group.

Isn’t his mommy beautiful?

Pardon my big, fat face.

He’s just the best!  I’m really looking forward to spending more time with him this summer, and pssssssssst…Sunday is his birthday.  Can you believe it?

Going out tomorrow night with The Nerd, Sis and her husband, and a couple I know from school.  It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a proper date night, what with him having family in town and then spring break.  I’m excited!  I’m trying to get The Superhero to come out later (ahem, you should really come, sir), but not sure I will.  He can be a fuddy duddy sometimes.

Seeing as how I barely slept the last two nights due to my back hurting, I am off to try to get some damn sleep. 

Oh yeah – for some reason, I haven’t been able to comment on some blogs.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but hopefully you can see when I’ve come over to read.  It’s not that I don’t want to comment, I can’t!

Totally Music Tuesday

I’ve never seen this video, but every time this song pops up on my mp3 player, I smile.  🙂  Happy Tuesday!

P.S. I got the job!  More details to follow.

Jumbledy Jumble Rumble

I have been reading all day, and my mind is all mushy now.  I’ll be ever so happy when this semester’s over and I can read books that I choose.

Ended up going back to the chiropractor on Thursday, after sitting in a desk for four hours straight with no break.  I was miserable, could not get comfortable, and decided another crackin’ would be a good idea.  It was.

Yes, my sister is pregnant again.  I thought I’d said something here, but perhaps not since some of y’all didn’t know.  She’s due at the end of September, which means that Senor Fussypants will be almost exactly 18 months older than his younger brother or sister.  I haven’t gotten to see them too often since this semester started and I’m not babysitting twice a week anymore, and I miss them lots.  Fussypants isn’t quite walking yet, but he scoots all over, and will walk with help.  He is still the cutest almost-one-year-old out there.  Proof:

A sweater-vested baby!  In jeans!  Adorable!

I got two simply amazing letters of recommendation this week from a former professor and from my partner teacher at the middle school for my application to the other peer mentoring program.  Knowing that they believe in me and my abilities as a (sort of, future) teacher made me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Happy dance!  I’m not sure when I’ll find out if I get accepted, but I honestly can’t see how I won’t be, since the person who runs it is the one who told me I should do it.  I’m looking forward to the training and to doing something a little more challenging, and may even try to keep mentoring in the program I’ve been doing, as well.  We’ll see.  🙂

I’ll find out tomorrow if I got the job I applied to.  The test took for-e-ver, but if I passed, it’ll be worth it.  Fingers strongly crossed, people!

Yesterday was a super great day.  The weather was perfect, and The Nerd, the boys, and I went for a walk, went to the park and played football (I watched) and basketball (I played), grilled hot dogs, and took turns reading in the hammock.  He is so good with my boys, and it makes me happy.

Do you ever find yourself listening to music and every song reminds you of the same person?  Like, it seems as if your mp3 player has conspired against you to play ONLY that music which is tied to that person in your mind?  Anyone?  That happened to me the other day, and it made me miss a friend really bad.  If you’re reading, you know who you are.  I MISS YOU, kiddo.  Seriously, does this happen to anyone else?


Well, I now know what was causing all of my back pain, thanks to my friendly neighborhood (side note – not really in my neighborhood, more like a half-hour drive away) chiropractor.  I always knew that it had something to do with my pregnancy with Little J, during which I was miserable because I had a disc out of place.  It was visible, y’all.  I walked around for at least 6 months with what looked like a huge knot in my back, and could never get comfortable.  I was told by my physician that there was nothing they could do for me while I was pregnant, even though the nice chiropractor told me last night that they really could have.  Those bastards! 

I always thought that the whole thing was caused because Little J was such a big baby.  He weighed 10 lbs., 3 oz. at birth, and looked like he was at least a month old.  I was wrong, though.  It has nothing to do with his size.  According to the chiropractor, this is not an uncommon occurance for pregnant women.  He told me that what happens is that sometimes the embryo will attach to one or the other side of the uterus rather than the center.  This causes the baby to grow out to one side or the other, which causes the pelvis/hip to accomodate the changes, which in turn causes the muscles around said hip to shorten to accomodate those changes.  Makes sense, no?  While he was examining my back, he showed me how much higher up my left hip was than my right.  It was at least a 3 inch difference.  :O  Holy crap, no wonder my back is always hurting.  (side note #2 – when I told The Superhero this, he said it was because of my “Texas walk”)

He and his assistant then contorted my body and then cracked the holy bejeebus out of my back.  Oh, it felt glorious.  I noticed a difference right away.  Walking seemed so much easier, and the range of motion in my back was better.  I hadn’t even realized how bad that had been.  The pain isn’t completely gone, but it is much easier to deal with now.  I’ll probably go back next week for another adjustment, but it shoudn’t be something I have to do all the time, which is good.  Even at only $20 a visit, that can add up.  Plus, he doesn’t take appointments, so the wait time can be long (I think I was there for 2 1/2 hours). 

So, feeling loads better.  With the boys being home, I haven’t had much time to myself.  I’m really glad school’s winding down, too.  This has been a pretty great semester, but I’m itching to read for fun and to do some playing.  I’ve got a lead on a job that would help me out a lot, but nothing’s final yet.  I have to take the test still, but I’ll let y’all know how it goes.  Good thoughts, people!  And, I just have to share these pictures of my sister and nephew.  She is definitely in the glowy phase of pregnancy, and good lord, he’s cute.

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