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Stark Raving Mad (as in, Angry)

First things first, I passed the math class with a 76, and made an 81 on the final.  Hallelujah!

*Disclaimer:  this is gonna be a rant.*

Today should have been a great day, it really should have.  The big math test was done yesterday, and all I had to do today was hang out with Sr. Fussypants.  No classes, no tests to study for, just me and my little guy, playing all day. 

About 20 minutes after Sis left for work, Big J called me from school.  He had worn an old Army uniform as part of a presentation today, and they wanted him to change back into his school uniform.  The only problem with that?  He hadn’t brought his school uniform, because he thought he’d be able to wear his other clothes all day.  So, I called Sis, thinking I’d just pack Sr. Fussypants into his car seat and hit the road.  She decided she’d rather come home and stay with him than have me drive him.  I have a spotless driving record, but they’re super protective of him.  So, when she got home, I drove the 25 miles or so to Big J’s school, gave him the clothes and headed back.  Did I mention I hardly slept last night?  Grumble, grumble.  I got back to Sr. Fussypants within about an hour and a half, and he definitely lived up to his name today.  The past few days with him, he’s been really clingy and not his normal, cheerful self.  It’s still always good to see him, though, and by the time I left he was laughing and smiling.

I think I’ve talked about it some here, but in my divorce I was awarded alimony.  We had been married over 10 years, and in that time, I’d given up jobs and going to school every time we had to move with the military.  I had also been a stay at home mom (usually working part time on weekends) until our boys were both in school.  It’s a small amount, but it makes a big difference in us being able to do fun things like going to the movies or when someone gets sick and needs to go to the doctor.  Douche was always late with it or sometimes wouldn’t even send it at all, but since he’s been in Afghanistan, his wife has made sure it gets sent.  It usually got here by the first week of the month, so when it didn’t show up this month, I figured she was just going to send it along with the boys’ Christmas presents.  When there were cards in the mailbox today and still no alimony check, however, I figured I had better bite the bullet and ask her what was up.

I loathe having to communicate with this woman because it always turns into an argument, no matter what it’s about.  Then, I always end up biting my tongue so I don’t make things worse.  When Douche went overseas, though, I agreed with her that all issues should be handled between us so that he wasn’t worried  about what was going on at home, so it’s been a necessary evil from time to time.  Luckily, there haven’t been many run-ins, but it’s still a crappy situation, and I know that neither one of us likes it.  What follows is the text message “conversation” I had with my ex’s wife this evening:

Me:  Are you sending alimony this month?

Her:  Last month was the last one.

Me:  No, it wasn’t.  The divorce papers state 48 months.

Her:  Right, 2 years (hmmmmm).  He sent the first one November 2007, when the divorce went through.  Last payment was last month.

Me:  48 months is 4 years, not 2.  Do you want me to email you a copy of the papers?

Her:  We got a copy thank u.  Well I will ask him and get back 2 u.

Me:  It’s not like I made something up.  I thought maybe you didn’t have a copy of the papers and would like proof, you don’t have to get snippy.

Her:  I’m not getting snippy I’m being pretty damn nice.  Like I said I’m not at home but when I get there I will look.  I can’t help what I was told.  If u don’t like that, then u can take it up with Douche when he gets home in January.

I left it at this (oooh, it was hard not to get in a bitch fest with her), then a couple of hours later:

Her:  U know what?  U can email Douche from now on when u have a problem.  This is between u and him and it’s not up 2 me 2 figure out ur shit and then he will let me know.  I’m not playing the go-between person 4 u.  Have a nice day.

Me: …….I have no problem talking to Douche directly and never have.  You asked me not to bother him about stuff like this while he was overseas, which is why I asked you about it.

Her:  Well he said differently now, so u do that.  He doesn’t want me 2 have 2 deal with u anymore, and I agree.  I’m not in the business of making ur life any easier.  Ur lucky I’ve been this nice after everything u said and done in the past so go to hell.

Ok, so first of all…what the fucking fuck, please?

Let’s deal with the fact that all I asked her to do was to send the money I am legally owed.  I feel as though the only thing I texted that could be taken as rude or mean was the thing about being snippy.  Am I wrong in that assumption?  Secondly, I would like to know what it is that I supposedly have done in the past to her/them.  I was living my life just fine when they decided to have an affair.  After that, I lost my husband, my home, and my security, not to mention a whole boatload of money.  I kept the two of them from being court martialed by the Army for adultery because I refused to testify against them.  I allowed for an expedited divorce because they were in a hurry to get married.  I will admit that the day I found out about their affair, I called her and said some very bad things, and I’m pretty sure I threatened her.  However, I never called her again after that, never went to her apartment (though I had the address), nor did I ever confront her physically.  I knew that if I got close, I would end up in jail.  Still, I fail to understand where she gets off telling me she’s being nice to me after all the things *I* did to them.

So, because she wants to stick it to me for whatever reason, I will be scrambling to come up with the money for the rest of the boys’ presents I had planned to get with that money.  It’ll get done, and they’ll have a good Christmas, but it really chaps my ass that I have to deal with this shit.  And for what?  So they can feel superior to me?  I don’t get it. 

So, that’s been my evening.  I emailed Douche about it, attaching the page from the divorce decree with the part about alimony, and copying in both his mother and mine.  Now I get to play the waiting game.  Usually if I email him with anything serious (kids, money, etc) he just ignores it.  He only answers if it’s a joke or something like that.  Divorce sucks, y’all, and I don’t even have it that bad.

Totally Music Tuesday

It’s time for the holiday music, y’all.  Louis Armstrong’s “Christmas In New Orleans” is probably my most favorite Christmas song, so you get that this week.  If you haven’t ever heard it, give it a listen, and have a great Tuesday!

P.S.  Pretty sure I did well on the math final.  Just one more test to go!

Smutty Sunday

For you, my dears, a gift of holiday smut cheer.  As I was finishing that damned final paper and studying for that motherschmucking math test today, a friend sent me this link and I felt I should share.  Happy penis cookie Sunday to you!

Mish Mash

Just one more week and a day…just one more week and a day…just one more week and a day…

I am completely wiped out!  I decided to take tonight and tomorrow night off from doing school work, and I’m hoping I won’t regret it.  I really don’t think I can wait another night to catch up on Dexter, dammit!  Besides, I can’t go another day without reading blogs!

Last weekend was great!  Saturday night, my friend Keith and I went to a play on campus, and then out to go see the band with the badass chick singer.  Keith and the lead singer, Aim, have classes together, and she’s really good friends with the new fella, who couldn’t be there because he had to go to St. Louis for the weekend.  Keith and I had a blast, though, singing along and shooting the shit.  He is so silly, it’s hard not to smile when he’s around.  There were two ladies who were trying to seduce him all night with their ass shaking and boobies, and it was pretty damn hilarious.  We caught up with Aim after the show, and I met her boyfriend and her other boyfriend (it was weird, I can’t imagine how they’re ok with both being there at the same time…but whatever floats your boat!), and she was introducing me as “my friend, xxxx’s girlfriend.”  I heard she likes me a lot better than the last one.  😛  Also, my beloved Texas Longhorns won and are going to the Rose Bowl!!!!  YEAH!  It was a fabulous night.  Here’s a pic of Keith-ee Weefers and me.

The new fella helped me a whole lot with my math stuff, we worked for three hours on it both Sunday and Monday night.  Seriously, working on math, for three hours each night.  He was really patient and good at explaining everything, but I’m still worried about passing the final.  Oh well, not much more I can do than be as prepared as possible.

Speaking of the new fella (I really need to come up with a better name for him), things are still really good.  We’ve been dating for a couple of months now, and it’s still fun and exciting.  We usually cook dinner together once a week, and do something else one other night a week, whether it’s going out to listen to music or just watch movies or play Rock Band.  He’s comfortable and sweet, and very good to me, and it’s great to feel that again.  I haven’t talked about it here (or really anywhere) much because I’m afraid to.  I know that’s stupid, but whatev, it’s true.  I guess I’m cautiously optimistic.

That’s it for now, gotta go catch up with my favorite serial killer!

Totally Music Tuesday

It’s the week before finals, so I’ll be scarce around these parts until the end of next week, probably.  I’m hoping to have some time to catch up with your posts before I get to far behind!

I came across this song on a link from a blog, but I can’t remember which one it was.  It’s just a catchy, sweet song.  Hippity hoppity happy Tuesday!

Math Sucks

The big exam went really well, I have my scores for reading and math, and they are both passing.  The only thing I have to wait on now is the score for the writing portion, which I’m not really worried about.  Yay for one more thing out of the way !  *Big sigh*

Now the only things looming ahead are a math test today (really not looking forward to that), a group project presentation Wednesday, oh, and just a little 9-12 page paper.  No big whoop, right?  The math is really the only thing I’m worried about, but I am beyond ready for this semester to be over!

I did something to my back over the past few days, and there is a pain radiating from about the middle of my back down past my hip.  I wouldn’t recommend that, whatever it is.  There have been a few times when I stood up from sitting down and ended up doubled over in pain.  Luckily, it seems to be getting better.  I wish I knew what caused it, though, so I know not to ever do that again. 

I know I haven’t talked much about the new fella, but things are going well.  I’ve made it a point that we only see each other a couple times a week, and that’s kept things from going too fast (as they have in the past), which I think it’s a very good thing.  It’s comfortable.

I’m off to try and figure out this math before the test in a few hours!  Hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Totally Music Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

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