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Tap Dancing

There’s a meme going around blogtasia called 5 things, which I guess is supposed to be a Friday thing, but here in Gingerland, it’s going to be a Wednesday thing. I saw it at Glamorous Life of a Housefrau and also at Smiling Through It All, and the way it works is that you leave a comment on the blog in question (which would be here, duh) asking to play along, then you’re given five words and you describe what they mean to you or your thoughts about the words. I’m pretty sure that’s the way it goes. These are the words Evil Twin’s Wife picked out for me:

Frolic – This makes me think of playfulness, whether it’s small woodland creatures frolicking in a field, or nekkid folks frolicking in bed.  Frolicking is good fun, no matter where you are.  Let’s go outside and frolic!

Salacious – Hee, hee.  Of course, this makes me think of sex.  Mostly, it brings to mind words like “leering” and “lust,” and visions of a fallen woman  and maybe her lecherous pimp (perhaps his name is Sweets) standing on a street at dawn.  Good times.

Lantern – When I think lantern, I think about those green Coleman lanterns people use for camping. They hum softly as they give off 10 bajillion watts of light.

Train – The word train invokes long, narrow tracks, hats (because glamorous ladies who rode trains back in the day wore hats, at least in photos), luggage, and trips.  And hobos carrying sticks with all their worldly possessions wrapped up in handkerchiefs.

Magic – As soon as I read this, the song “Magic Man” popped in my head.  Oooooooooooh, he’s a magic man.  Chew on that.

So there you go, my five words.  If you would like to play along, just let me know in the comments section and I’ll email you your 5 words.

I told y’all I’m mentoring again this semester, right?  It’s for the Educational Psychology class that all education majors at our university have to take.  It’s the most demanding class I’ve ever taken, and that’s where the peer mentors come in.  Each student enrolled in the class is assigned to a mentor group, which has 2 mentors and a group of students (usually 3-10).  The groups meet once a week and take a quiz, talk about the chapter for the week, and play jeopardy-like games to prepare for the week’s test.  The mentors are all volunteers who take the time to help other students for a few reasons:  a) out of the goodness of their hearts, b) to gain experience leading a class, and c) to get a good recommendation from perhaps the most prolific professors in the area upon graduation.

This is my second semester as a mentor, and I like it for the most part.  It does take up valuable time, but I feel like I’m doing some good for other students – enough to balance it out, at least.  I got a call from the co-mentor of our group this afternoon, and she’s decided she just doesn’t have the time to be a mentor.  Sooooooo, I’ll be responsible for 7 students on my own from here on out.  I’ll be responsible for administering 7 quizzes, checking 7 journals, leading discussion, and recording all grades.  Lord help me.  If I can pull it off, it’ll be good experience and show the professor that I can handle extra responsibility on my own.  I’m gonna be fine.

I need a hug.

Totally Music Tuesday

I’ve been getting tons and tons of new music from friends lately, and this is one of the bands I’ve been introduced to recently. The band is Stars, and this one is called Your Ex-Lover Is Dead. A friend gave me the entire album, and it covers a relationship from beginning to end – it’s pretty great, in my humble opinion.

Hope y’all are having a great Tuesday. 😀

Brand New Day

This weekend couldn’t have been any more different from last weekend, praise Allah!

Saturday was my lucky day or something.  I woke up, got my paper written and edited, and was done with school work by 1.  Then, my mom texted asking what I was doing.  Uh oh.  Not to worry, though, she told me that Old Navy was having a huge sale and asked if I’d like to come look around with her.  Then it happened – she offered to buy me some clothes!  I mean, WHAAAA?  She was being nice?  So, I picked out a few things, and we went home.  It was nice – if a little forced- but you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?

Then, when I came home, I found a friend from waaaaaaaaaay back on facebook.  I’m talking, we worked together when I was 17-18, and were great friends.  We lost touch when I moved from Houston to Georgia to be with Douche, and I missed her terribly.  We caught up a bit, and I found out that she married the guy she’d been with so long ago, and they just had a baby.  🙂 Happy thing number two.

After that, I got an email from Victoria’s Secret.  I thought it was some spam thing and almost deleted it…glad I didn’t.  Turns out it was a gift certificate from Sassy Mama herself, Lola, for writing some naughty stuff for her a while ago.  Free panties, wut, wut!  Happy thing number three.

Theeeeen, I clicked over to Ms. Moon’s page and read the happy news that her first grandbaby has arrived.  😀  Doesn’t get any happier than that!  Congratulations, Grandmama Moon.  Happy thing number four.

All in all, a super great day.  I could kick myself for not buying a lottery ticket.

Sunday wasn’t bad, either, but nothing really big happened.  The boys and I took our dog, Bevo, to get a rabies shot, and then we took a trip to get some modeling clay for Big J.  I even cleaned my room and vacuumed the two lower floors of the house.  Douche called the boys (right after bedtime, again), and they got to talk to him for a little bit.  They didn’t say anything about what was said, so I didn’t ask.  Mom was downright pleasant today, and I am so very grateful for that. 

It’s a new week, hallelujah!

Why I Love My Sister

When I told Sis about the offending text message last night, this was her reply:

“Oh no, he isn’t the kind of guy who would forget his own son’s birthday! He’s just the kind of guy who would leave his wife and children for a skanky ho like her.”

And THAT is why I love her.

In other news, I got an email from Douche’s mother last night for the first time in months and months. Last weekend, I took some videos of my boys playing football at the Hall of Fame, and uploaded them to YouTube (it was taking forever to attach them directly to email), and sent the links to Douche, his mother, and his sister. This is the message I got from his mother, in total:

Douche can’t view these. Can you just attached the video files to the e-mail without going to utube. That way I can burn a DVD and send it to him.

There’s no “thanks for the videos,” no “what would Little J like for his birthday,” no nothing other than me needing to do something for Douche. She hasn’t called the boys since Big J’s birthday (in January), and the last time they talked to her was Mother’s Day when I had them call her.  It wasn’t so much what was said that pissed me off, it’s what isn’t said.

This just illustrates the kind of crap that she perpetuates in her son. Even if he doesn’t have a computer at home, there are these places called libraries – wonderful places full of books and computers you can use to stay connected to the internet, even. Besides that, I know he has internet access where he’s been in Afghanistan, because we’ve emailed back and forth a few times since he’s been gone. Not only that…he knows my phone numbers, why couldn’t he ask me himself (remember, he’s on leave right now, stateside)? Mama needs to do it for him? Give me a fucking break.

Let’s see…nasty text from his wife, bullshit email from his mother…I’d say that leaves his sister and his dad. Wonder which one is going to fight his (unnecessary) battles for him next time?

Assholes Bein’ Assholes

I honestly don’t know what more I can do to improve the relationship (which at this point is non-existent) between Douche and myself.  His cunting wife doesn’t help.

Since he’s on R&R right now, he’s home with her in Alaska.  His cell phone service was shut off when he left for Afghanistan, so the only way I can contact him is through her cell phone.  I’ve been worried that he’ll forget Little J’s birthday (it’s happened before) that’s in two weeks, so tonight, I sent this (very polite, I might add) text to her phone:

“Hey, I know you guys are super busy right now, but I just wanted to remind y’all of Little J’s birthday coming up.”

That’s it, all it was, and this is the response that CUNTING MOTHERFUCKIN CUNTBAG thought was warranted:

“I don’t think Douche needs to be reminded about his own son’s birthday, it’s more than half a month away so don’t worry we got it covered.”

Apparently, he doesn’t need to be reminded of their birthdays, just their address and phone number…

What. The. Fuck.  Seriously?  WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

I let it go, because the only thing worse than her being a cuntwaffle to me is me getting sucked into a bitchfest with her.  Assholes are gonna be assholes no matter how I react, so once again I take a deep breath, mutter “cunt” under my breath, and move the fuck on.

Can I get a witness?

Fussypants Friday

Another Friday with Senor Fussypants, and life is good.

The plan for the weekend is to work on homework and lie low.  Hopefully there won’t be any fireworks.  The boys don’t have any plans, and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so maybe they’ll get busy cleaning their rooms (yeah, right).

Something odd happened last night, and I’m not exactly sure what to think about it.  One of my friends asked me if I was interesting in getting to know her male friend who’s a pharmacist.  That in itself isn’t so odd, other than the fact that no one’s ever tried to set me up with a friend.  What’s odd about it is that she first tried setting him up with another friend of hers (and ex-co-worker of mine).  I don’t really know the other lady too well, but we share a lot of acquaintances.  Wouldn’t it be weird to date someone she had dated? 

What do you guys think?

Is It Really Wednesday Already???

Thanks for your kind words and advice on the Mom situation.  This is one of the reasons I love the blogging community.  Y'all are awesome!

The last two nights have been pretty relaxed, and I asked her if she minded the boys and I going to see the therapist alone once before we all go together.  I was afraid that it would end up with her accusing and yelling and me crying, and I didn't want the boys to see all that.  I also wanted a little more time to prepare myself.  She said it was okay, but that she still wanted to go together another time.  No problem.  I have not been sleeping well every since Saturday, so I'm completely wiped out. 

This made it interesting when Douche texted my phone at 3 this morning with this message:  "I MADE STAFF SGT!"  Yes, it's earlier in Alaska than it is here, but for heaven's sake, it was still 11 pm there - a bit late to text/call someone (especially someone you never talk to).  What am I supposed to do with that information?  It's not as if I care about his career, and he was a Sgt. for 6 years.  6 YEARS!  If you aren't in-the-know with military ranking, 6 years is a very long time to be a plain Sgt., so it's not as if this is a big acheivement.  He could've been promoted 3 years ago if he'd have only done the schooling that was required.  Whatever the case, I was not amused that he decided to share his news in the middle of the night.  Asshole.

I was a good Mama, though, and told the boys at dinner that their dad had been promoted, and that they should probably call him.  (He's on R&R right now in Alaska, and has only called the boys once since he's been home).  Big J took my phone upstairs and called, and I expected him to bring it back down when he was done so Little J could talk.  However, when he came down, there was no one on the phone.  Apparently, when he called Douche, Douche told him he needed to call Douche's dad.  He did.  Douche's dad told him all about his plan to take the boys up to Alaska to visit right after school is out for the summer.  I have a few problems with this:

1.  No one has mentioned this to me at all.  I don't mind letting them go, but I am the custodial parent and need to know the details.  As far as I knew, they were planning to do this when Douche returned from Afghanistan, which would be in the spring.  At the very least, it's rude not to include me in any plans, and to expect the children to ferry the information to and fro.  That is one of the first things any child psychologist will tell you - do not count on the children to transfer information between parents, it's not their job.

2.  Neither one of them - Douche or his father - even mentioned Little J.  Neither one asked to talk to him, and neither one mentioned his birthday coming up.  

I feel like I need to give a disclaimer for this.  I didn't ask Big J what they talked about, he offered up the information.  The only thing I asked was anyone asked about Little J's birthday.  It always seems to get forgotten, and I know it hurts his feelings.

So, that's what's happening.  Douche continues being a douche.  More at 9!

I hope to catch up with y'all tonight.  Oooh, and I'm trying a new "signature" thing.  Not sure if I'll keep it, but I thought it might be nice.  Smoochies!

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