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Senor Fussypants

Yesterday was the first day of school for the boys, and also my first day playing nanny to my nephew, Harrison.  He’s four months old, and just the cutest little thing ever.  I was really looking forward to spending a whole day with him, even if I knew getting up early after sleeping late for the last month would be a bummer.

The boys and I got up before dawn (that may be an exaggeration, but it was f’n early) and made lunches and got ready.  Big J catches his bus before 7, and Little J just after, because their schools are way across town.  As soon as Little J was on the bus, I headed over to Sis’ house, where she had detailed instructions and a schedule.  A schedule.  For a four-month-old.  I don’t know about y’all, but my kids didn’t ever really stick to schedules when they were that young.  I told her that I would try to stick to it, and I did try, but Harrison wasn’t really having it yesterday.

He was sleeping when I first got there, but woke up pretty quickly, and we played for a while.  He’s learning how to use his voice, and it’s so cool to see.  I even got some video with my new little camera!  By the time he went down for his first nap, I was ready to pass out.  As soon as I put him down in his crib, I hit the couch HARD.  According to his schedule, he should’ve slept for at least an hour, but he was awake again thirty minutes later.  This was repeated with his second nap of the day, followed by lots and lots of fussing.  I’m sure he’s just adjusting to everything new that’s happening. 

At one point, he was crying super hard, and I had tried everything.  I looked at him and laughed, and told him his new nickname is Senor Fussypants.  That little clown actually laughed when I said that!  He stopped crying and LAUGHED.  Tell me that isn’t a smart baby!  He also has been called H-Bomb (credit goes to WT for that one), and Mr. Wiggles.

I’ll be back with him on Friday, hopefully less exhauted.  Here’s one of the videos I took of him “talking” yesterday:

It’s already Wednesday, BAH!

Totally Music Tuesday

This week, you get old music, because that’s what I’ve been listening to (and you’ll like it, dammit)! 

The first one is Jerry Lee Lewis’ *”Wild One.”  I picked it because while I love all his music, I figured this wasn’t one everyone would know already (as opposed to Whole Lotta Shakin’).  It’s so hard to listen to his songs and NOT dance or at least wiggle around a little.  When I listen, I’m in constant motion, I just can’t sit still.  Note how fast his hands move over the piano keys.

The second is “Cry to Me” by Solomon Burke.  I’m sure you all know it, but it’s been stuck in my head all day, so I’m gonna post it anyway!  😛

Hope you’re all having a super Tuesday!

*Yes, I acknowledge that Jerry Lee Lewis has/had very questionable morals, and yes, he married his 13-year-old cousin, but that bastard sure can play the piano.

That’s A Load Off

As you all know, I’ve entered into the world of online dating.  It’s been bizarre, but there have actually been a few interesting people to chat with.  There are a LOT of weirdos, though! 

I’ve gone out with one new guy so far, I guess I’ll call him Drillbit because he’s a salesman for a large tool company (I couldn’t very well call him “Tool,” now could I?).  He lives between here and Chicago, so not too far, and his parents live nearby in Michigan.  He’s a Nice Guy – as in, very polite, opens doors (even car doors), talks regularly to his parents, and has a great job.  We’ve gone out a few times, and had a pleasant time, but I’ve stayed true to my New Rules and we’ve only had a few chaste goodnight kisses.  He probably thinks I’m a complete angel – which you all know is far from the truth – but he’s kind of shy, so that makes it easier.  It hasn’t been super exciting, which is different for me, but obviously different is something I need, right?

Yesterday, I noticed some of the things he said while we were chatting were sort of couple-y type things.  I knew I needed to make it clear that I felt we should be open to seeing other people, because I didn’t want us to be on two different wavelegths on the subject.  All afternoon, I fretted about how to bring it up.  It had the potential to be awkward no matter what. 

Eventually, I just went for it.  We were chatting a bit and I pretty much just told him that I felt he should know that I will be seeing other men, and that while I do eventually want to have a partner, it’s most important to me right now that I not get serious with anyone (because that’s been my pattern – relationship to relationship with no stops in between).  He seemed to understand, and even gave a few examples of times in his life where he felt this sort of boundary was appropriate.  Now he knows that he’s not the only cock in the henhouse, so to speak, and my conscience is clear.  Whew

School starts tomorrow for the boys, and it also marks the first day I’ll be working as a nanny part-time for my sister.  It’s gonna be a busy day!  I’m looking forward to spending the day with my nephew, then (hopefully) starting season three of Dexter with the Wonder Twin tomorrow night.  I’m glad that we can hang out again, the laughter quotient alone is worth more than anyone could ever know.

Butting Heads

Is there someone close to you who you are loathe to argue with because it makes you feel wretched because you hate being mad at them?

I had a discussion with my person like that tonight, and it was frustrating as hell. There is one issue that we butt heads on every time it’s brought up, and every time we discuss it, we both dig our heels in and put up our dukes, as if this time something’s going to be different.

“I’m right, you’re wrong; why can’t you just see my point of view?!” You know, that type of thing. We both always make very good points for our case, and we both are right to some extent, but when all is said and done, nothing has changed.  We both feel the same thing we felt going in, and I, for one, feel impotent.  I’d like to kick something.

So, we call truce, and go back to our corners.  I say that I’m sorry and that I was an asshole and “I love you,” shed a few tears and write it out.  Tomorrow, it’ll be fine, business as usual.

Maybe next time we’ll be smart enough NOT to bring up the sore subject, but we probably won’t.

Vino = Good Times

I received a late birthday gift the other day from my parents – a Creative Vado Pocket Cam, and I just HAD to try it out.  What better than to take some video of the Wonder Twin?  We had been drinking wine, and were watching “I Love You, Man,” so please excuse the ridiculousness.  There were a few others that were even funnier (to me), but too embarassing to show here! 

Yes, I am laughing like a maniac.  Because my friend the WT is a fucking hilarious bastard.

This thing is going in my purse, imagine all the stupid, silly stuff I’ll be able to capture!

Totally Music Tuesday

It’s that time again, and I have two songs for you today.  I should be at the lake today, but our trip was cancelled, wah, wah.

The first song is Jeff Beck and Imogen Heap, Rollin’ and Thumpin’…totally badass.

The second one is Lily Allen’s Fuck You.  How can you not love a song called Fuck You?  The lyrics are great, too, and I especially love how the intro sounds like a sitcom theme. 

Happy Tuesday all!

Give Me A Reason

I came across a very interesting thing tonight, and it amused me so much that I had to share it. 

I had a few messages on one of the dating sites, and when I logged in to check them out (nothing exciting, fyi), and I clicked on a random profile.  It was a very handsome man, the type who was probably quarterback of his high school team.  Ruggedly beautiful, I guess you could call it.  His information said he held a master’s degree, and his profession was education and coaching.  All good things, so I read on.

Then I came to the part where he was telling what he was looking for, and I started to chuckle.  Apparently, he’s been disappointed when he’s met an online friend in person, because here are some of the things he wrote:

You may not get a response back from me if:
-you only have one picture on you profile
-you dont have a full body pic on your profile
-you have multiple people in your main pic and i cant tell which person you are
-you have friends in your pics and they are significantly better looking than you are, unless they are available and you can connect me with your friend (this is where I started laughing out loud)
-you put “prefer not to say” as a response to one of the categories (unless you have a legitimate reason for doing so like the options available didnt really fit your desired answer, not just cause you want to hide something)
-you arent in the thin, athletic, or average body type category and have the pics to prove it
-you dont have a sense of humor about this whole profile and situation

There was quite a bit more to it than this, but I think you get the idea.  Now, I’m sure that there are many people who would read this and think, “what a dick!,” but I thought it was pretty damn hilarious.  It’s a good way to weed people out, and really – isn’t it total bullshit to only post one photo of yourself?  Or lie about your appearance or what you really want out of this experience?  I especially liked the last bullet.  I just wonder if anyone has the ovaries to try to even talk to this guy?

On an unrelated note, (like that segue?  Wasn’t it just amazing?) when I was looking at my stats today, I noticed that someone had searched “Chi-Town,” which brought up this post from March.  I don’t often go back in the archives unless I’m looking for something specific, so I hadn’t read it since I wrote it.  It was nice to go back and read, and remember the day I was writing about.  The person I was writing about isn’t around anymore, but that…that was a great day.

A couple of the bloggers I stalk…er…I mean, read have asked their readers recently why they blog.  What do they get out of it?  I answered that it was my release – and it is.  It’s where I can bitch and moan about the little things that aren’t such a big deal after all, but at the time I’m writing, they’re huge.  Then again, it’s also where I can write things like that post.  Happy things that I can look back on and remember, with all the details as they were when they were fresh in my mind.  Things that otherwise would have been lost in the abyss of faulty memories. 

Thanks to this place – my own little place – I have a record of the last year and a half of my life.  It’s a place where anger, lust, rage, love, sadness, and joy all exist.  Where these things are always just as they were when they were recorded.  I suppose that’s the best side effect of having a blog, even if you don’t fully realize it until someone does a random search and hits on an old entry.