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Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Thursday night, I spent most of the afternoon and evening with my Fireman and his son.  One of my friends babysat my boys, so I was able to focus on his little guy.  I’ve spent a little bit of time with him, but it’s been hard for me to get away from my responsibilities here after school time or on weekends.  Like I said before, we want the boys to feel comfortable with the new adults before we introduce them to each other, so it’s been kind of a slow process.  I’ll call his son Little Man, or LM from now on. 

He’s almost six years old, and looks a lot like Big J did when he was that age.  He’s all boy, loves playing outside, riding in his little fire truck power wheels, and doing whatever his Daddy is doing.  He’s also completely adorable, with great manners and a sweet disposition. 

That afternoon, my FM had been looking at a used truck that he hopes to buy, and they were test driving it when I got to his house.  They came and picked me up, and all three of us went back to the car lot.  I think both LM and I were a little nervous and didn’t know how to act around each other quite yet.  I asked him about his day at school and what he thought about the truck, but he was pretty quiet.  Once we got to the lot, FM needed to negotiate a bit with the salesman, so LM and I were inside alone.  There was really nothing for us to do, so I tried to keep him busy.  We looked at the pictures on the walls of the classic cars, and then DUH I remembered the “hand slap game.”  Why hadn’t I thought of it sooner???  If you aren’t familiar with the game, the rules are easy.  One person puts their hands out, palms up, and the other person puts their hands on top.  The person whose hands are on the bottom tries to (gently) slap the hands of the other person before they can move them.  Kind of a test of your reflexes.  LM had never played this game before, but he caught on quick and giggled a lot.  YES! 

We played for about five minutes and then it was time to go.  We headed back to the house and decided to take a walk around the neighborhood.  We walked for a ways, and stopped at a playground so he could play for a bit.  The funniest part was when he picked a blade of grass and was trying to tickle us with it.  When his mom called to talk to him, he told her that, “Daddy, me, and Ginger are going for a walk…I like her.”  Beaming smile!  😀  We sort of had to rush back to the house so we could go get dinner before it was time for me to pick up my boys, but we had a good time.

There is a new restaurant in town that the FM and I visited before it was really open.  We talked about how the boys would like it, and I’ve since taken my boys there.  LM hadn’t gotten to go yet, though, so we went there.  He loved it.  He ate so much, he had a tummy ache, though!  We got along just great, and I was impressed at what a little gentleman he was.

What I am more impressed about, though, is what a great daddy my FM is.  I mean, I already knew it, but seeing him in action for a longer period of time made it even more clear.  It wasn’t as if LM was a perfect angel the entire time, no kid is.  However, the way FM handled him was amazing.  He never talked down to him, never threatened…firmly and calmly, he took control of the situation and diffused whatever it was.  It was just so different from what Douche was like, what The Crazy One was like.  He is such a good man.

This is my man.  This is my future.  Part of me feels like I don’t deserve it, that something bad will happen and it will all go away.  Even as I think these things, I know they’re stupid and wrong, and yet I can’t help thinking it all the same.  For now, I will say that everything is wonderful, and I’m very happy to be adding another boy to “my boys.”

Meeting 1/2 of The Parents

I met the Fireman’s father today, quite by accident.  We had plans a few weeks ago to get together for dinner with his parents so we could meet, but his dad got sick so they cancelled.  It’s been difficult to find an evening where I had a babysitter for my boys and he didn’t have his son, so we hadn’t rescheduled yet.  However, sometimes chance meetings occur.  Funny story, this.

Today was the first day my FM hasn’t worked in a few weeks.  He’s been working for a friend of his on his days off for extra cash, doing landscaping jobs around town.  It’s a good gig, he’s getting paid well, but it leaves us little time during the day to just laze about and be all lovey dovey (something we did A LOT when we first got together).  I had one last final this morning (I had the days mixed up and it wasn’t on Tuesday like I had thought), but other than that, no plans for the day. 

I went to his house after the boys got on the bus, then went to take my test, then came back.  He’s been looking into buying a used truck, and had some paperwork to drop of at his credit union, so we did that, ate lunch, and came home.  A few nights ago, we started watching a movie, but fell asleep as soon as it started.  So, we decided to lie in bed and watch the rest.  We stripped down to our underwear because, really? who lies in bed with their jeans on?  Not I.  No, thanks.  So picture this, I’m in my panties and tank top, and he’s in his boxers.  We’re all cuddled up and half asleep when we hear a man calling out his name.  “FIREMAN?”  He looks at me and says, “Dad?”  Uh, what???

We had the door open with the screen door shut because it’s perfect weather right now.  His dad had seen his car in the driveway (mine was on the street), and just stopped by to say hi.  So, his dad walks in the house to see FM coming out of the bedroom, zipping up his jeans, and then I come out, bedheaded up (but fully dressed).  FM tells him we were just about to take a nap, to which he laughed and said, “suuuuuure you were…”  It was hilarious.  I was introduced and his dad gave me a big hug and said it was nice to finally meet me.  He even invited me to the mother’s day dinner they’re having on Sunday.  I’m not going to go, though.  Not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t think any of the boys are ready for that kind of thing. 

Tonight, my friend Mel is watching my boys so that I can spend some one on one time with FM’s son.  We want him to be as comfortable with me as my boys are with him before we get the three of them together.  I’m hoping that we’ll be able to be all together before too much longer.  It’s all exciting, and today was a super great awesome day, even if I was a little red in the face when I met my Fireman’s dad for the first time.  Oh well, it’ll be a great story to tell!  🙂


The Fireman and I started running this morning.  We’ve been talking about it for a while, that when it got warmer we would start going for jogs in the morning when he gets off of work.  When we talked about it, it sounded great.  I mean, I used to go running regularly (see:  years ago), and up until I moved up here, walked a couple of miles pretty much every day.  Since then…not so much.

Part of the reason is that it’s so God-awful cold for so long here that the only thing you want to do is stay indoors.  We have a treadmill here at the house, but that’s bo-ring.  Yes, these are all reasons, but the main reason is that I’m a lazy broad.  I don’t like to sweat, unless I’m getting down in the bedroom.  But, I am determined to get back into shape, dammit!  Luckily, my FM was there to kick me in the ass.  The plan is that if we do this together, we’ll keep each other on track.  Or something like that.

It was a nice walk/run.  He lives in a great neighborhood with lots of pretty houses, hills, big trees, and all the flowers are finally in bloom again.  The weather was perfect, too – a little chilly, but sunny and bright.  We actually walked more than run, but we DID run.  He took a picture of me when I wasn’t paying attention. 



I am dreadfully sore, especially in the hip region, but hopefully before long, I’ll have the ass of a teenager.  That would rock, totally. 

P.S. Did you know that exercising makes you amorous?

Down With A-Hole Professors!

How many of you have hated at least one of your professors?  Can I get a witness?  I am so angry right now I can hardly sit still!

As you know, I took a total of six classes this semester.  Four on campus and two online.  One of my online classes was a 200-level class on business writing, which I will probably never need.  However, I did all of the work required for the class, turned everything in on time, neat and tidy, all in order.

The first big paper I had in there was due the night the FM saw me in person for the first time.  I was flustered, and did everything I could to make sure it was done right and turned in on time, despite a power outage.  I got a bad grade and was very disappointed.  But, I figured I had time to get my grade up, so I worked dilligently, making sure to check that my work was acceptable.

The next project was a little bit better, but I only got a B.  WTF?  It was an employment project where we turned in a resume and cover letter, and I followed the book exactly.  He only offered criticisms, nothing that could be used in the future, such as…”here’s what was wrong, here’s how to fix it.”  No, it was more like, “no one uses references anymore.”  At this point, I knew I hated him.  He is the worst kind of teacher, the one who doesn’t give a shit about his students whatsoever.  He treated us as if he were too busy to give us any time, but expected us to give hours and hours to his little class.

The last month of the class has been spent working on a group project with two other ladies in the class.  This is an online class, so everything was done online, through chat rooms and emails.  Luckily, the other ladies I was paired with were hard workers, and we actually got finished early.  Then, two weeks ago, after all but 2 minor things were completed, he suddenly added another person to our group, with no warning to us.  She just appeared one day, asking what she could do to help.  So, we gave her the two remaining items to do.  One was pretty much copying and pasting from our report, and the other was a business letter to accompany it.

She finished the copy and paste job, but not the letter.  We all emailed her throughout the week, and none of us heard back.  So I completed the letter and we tweaked the other stuff, and turned it all in a day early.  AFTER we had turned it in (emails had been sent to her letting her know it was done), she emailed one of the other ladies with suggestions.  (Are you fucking kidding me????)  Anyhow, we were beyond glad to be done with the project and the class.

Just now, after taking a final for another class, I got online to see if we had a grade posted yet for the project.  We did, 200/250.  There are no comments as to why we were docked 50 points.  Nothing.  No email, no little notes.  Not a goddamned thing.  What a dick!  I know for a fact that our project was exactly what was asked for.  We did peer edits with the other groups, and ours was by far the best and most thorough one.  We even had an example to go by (one of the ladies’ boyfriends took the class last year and got an A).  So, my final grade for the class is a C.  I am not a happy camper.  I haven’t gotten too many C’s in my life, and while I know it’s not the end of the world, or even that bad a grade, it pisses me off to no end.  I worked hard in that class, and I feel like the professor was just being an asshole because he could.  One of the students in my mentor group took a class from him this semester as well, and has had the same problems.  I know one thing, I will avoid classes with him like the plague!  I think it’s a good thing that this was an online class, because if it wasn’t, I might’ve jumped him in the parking lot.

Okay, feeling better now that that’s out!  Anybody got some good “bad professor” stories?  Oooh, ETW, didn’t you once tell me about having an affair with a prof, or did I imagine that?  Make me laugh, people!  I have another hour and a half before my next final!