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Names have been changed to protect the sluts and douchebags

Okay, this is the first blog.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself first, shall I?

I am in my late twenties and I have two children.  Up until last spring, I was an Army wife.  I figured that this was my life.  I would support my husband in his every move.  It wasn’t great, but I thought it was what would happen.  We were very young when we married and had children, but I always thought we were meant to be.

Now, I am a single mother, living in her mother’s house, working part time and soon to be going back to school.  How did this happen, you may ask?  My husband turned out to be a douchebag, I reply.  From this point forward, he shall only be referred to as DB (as in douchebag, my pet name for him now).

Last spring DB sat me down and told me how he thought we needed to separate for a while, try to work out our problems.  My biggest problem was that I was working over 40 hours a week yet still doing everything that needed to be done at home.  His problem was that he’d been screwing some tramp.  I’m getting ahead of myself, though.  I didn’t know about the “other woman” until about a month after he left.  For two weeks, I had no idea where he was.  I would call and get no answer.  The kids missed their dad.  DB would stop by unannounced every once in a while, only to make some excuse why he couldn’t stay.  All during this time, I was keeping up appearances, not telling a soul what was going on.  That’s easy to do when you’re at least 700 miles from your nearest relative.

I found out about the cunt, as I call her (C for short) via DB’s cell phone.  He had come over one night and was upstairs and left his phone on the couch.  I had a quick moment of “should I or shouldn’t I” and decided that I should just check out what was on it.  As I flipped it open, I saw a missed call fromsomeone with our last name who I didn’t know.  There was also a voice mail and a text message.  Both from this person.  I quickly dialed voicemail and listened as another woman’s voice told my husband that she loved him and wished he would hurry home.  It’s a wonder my legs didn’t give right out from under me.  The text message was basically the same.

Of course, when I confronted him about it, he denied everything.  I tried to call her to find out what was going on, but she wouldn’t talk, either.  It was a huge mess, fraught with naked picture messages and sappy love notes, and there was even an impending court martial for both of them, as she was in the Army as well, and they worked together.

Long story short, after months of agonizing and mourning for my 10-year plus marriage, I decided it was best to get out.  I filed for divorce in June, moved away to stay with my mother in August, and was divorced by November.

It’s been a rough year, but it keeps looking up and up.  Especially with all the great fodder I get from my ex and his new wife.  Oh yeah, they got married…a month after our divorce was finalized.  They’re expecting a baby, as well, but that’s a story for another day.

Come back and see me.  I hope to entertain you with my tales of horror.  Geez, somebody should be getting something out of it.

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